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Grenoble hosts a start-up campus to structure the med tech sector.

The DOLIAM Group, based in Yvelines, intends to play a role in accelerating the sector.

Coming soon, an industrial campus dedicated to MedTech start-ups near Grenoble.

The DOLIAM Group will redevelop the ex-Total Energies site in Saint-Martin-d’Hères into an industrial campus dedicated to accelerating MedTech start-ups by this summer.

Announcing our major new project that will expand our growth.

Indeed VINCI Immobilier is going to rehabilitate the Magasin Général in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (37) on our behalf.

CAIRDAC raises €17m to finance the development of ALPS™ the first SELF-SUSTAINABLE LEADLESS PACEMAKER

Cairdac is proud to announce the successful completion of its Serie A funding of €17 million to accelerate ALPS’ next developmental stages and bring a much-needed solution to patients with cardiac rhythm disorders.

Tailored ultrasound probes and transducers to meet your applicative needs.

Everyday and for the past 35 years, we have been designing and manufacturing customized state-of-the-art ultrasound transducers for medical and industrial applications; providing startups, research labs, industrials, and medical device manufacturers, with the most innovative and cutting-edge ultrasound imaging probes solutions.