Our Industrial program

Changing Tomorrow’s Healthcare.

Through a major industrial program, the DOLIAM Group is leveraging its expertise to further innovations in the MedTech and DeepTech industries, from conception to industrialization.

The MedTech Industrial Campus Program
Where innovation meets industry.

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From industrialization to supply-chain access, start-ups face several obstacles that slow down their success and the commercialization of their products.

This observation gave birth to a project that meets these needs and expectations: The MedTech Industrial Campus.

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The MedTech Industrial Campus will create optimal conditions for cooperation between public and private academic institutions in research, education, and continuing education, innovation, and industry and their development.

This world’s first 322, 917 ft2 high-tech industrial space will be dedicated to industrialization, research, training, and innovation in the field of MedTech, DeepTech, Microsystems, and MEMS technologies. Technologies and products developed at MIC will include micro batteries for implantable medical devices and new generations of electronic sensors and actuators for monitoring and therapy.

The MedTech Industrial Campus will consolidate and federate all the players in this sector by providing them with a prototype development and production environment in a single location, with 360° support.

MedTech Industrial Campus will reduce the costs, time of development, and industrialization of medical devices, thus accelerating their commercialization on a global scale.

This very large campus will enable the company to simultaneously host some fifty projects led by leading French and international groups, ETIs, and start-ups in the incubation phase, as well as by a group of entities working together on different technological building blocks for innovative complex solutions.

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