Term of use

Dated May 2021

Use of the website published by DOLIAM implies unconditional acceptance of the following provisions by any User wishing to benefit from the Services delivered by the website. The most recent version is authoritative.

ARTICLE 1. Legal Identity

The website is published by DOLIAM, a joint stock company with a share capital of €
41,800, registered with the Versailles Trade and Companies Register under number B 381 324 771, having its registered office at 109 rue des Côtes 78600 Maisons-Laffitte, France, represented by Mr Étienne Flesch, its current President, sole owner of all intellectual property, which may also be referred to individually the “Party” or collectively with the User as the “Parties”;
Hereinafter referred to as “DOLIAM”,
The website is hosted by Gandi.net.

ARTICLE 2. Definitions

The following terms, whether used in the singular or plural herein, shall always have the following definition:


User Data: Refers to all the User’s Personal Data, as well as all data over which the User holds an intellectual property right, provided by the User in the context of the use of the Services provided;


Refers to the natural person covered by a User License and authorized as such to access the website and thus benefit from the Services;

ARTICLE 3. User Acceptance – Disclaimer

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “GTCU”) are expressly agreed and accepted by the User, who declares and acknowledges that they are fully aware of them.
In any event, should the User start to use any of the Services offered by the website, they shall be subject to these GTCU. The User is therefore deemed to have accepted all of the rules stipulated herein, as well as those that may be listed in any document available on the website, incorporated into these GTCU by reference and which govern their relationship with third parties and with DOLIAM.
These GTCU are enforceable throughout the duration of use of the website, and until new GTCUs supersede the present document.

ARTICLE 4. Changes

DOLIAM reserves the right to modify the present GTCU, according to the technical evolution of the website or its Services, or due to changes in legislation, at its sole discretion.
Generally speaking, the use of the Site by the User is always subject to the most recent version of the GTCU accessible to Users at the time of such use. It is the User’s responsibility to consult the GTCU accessible on the website as often as necessary.


Access to the website is free and does not require the creation of a user account or profile.
DOLIAM cannot guarantee the compatibility of the website with all browsers, operating systems and smartphones.
Access to the website also depends on the quality of the User’s hardware and internet network.

ARTICLE 6. General Description

The website allows you to contact DOLIAM to order or request information via the contact forms provided for this purpose.

ARTICLE 7. Violation

Any violation of the present GTCU authorizes DOLIAM to initiate any legal or criminal proceedings in order to put an end to the said violation and to claim compensation for its prejudice.

ARTICLE 8. License to use the website

8.1 Scope of the rights granted

DOLIAM grants to the User (who accepts), for the duration of us, the non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable right to use the website, within the strict limit of the Area of Use hereinafter defined, in the Territory, in strict compliance with the provisions set out herein (hereinafter the “Licence”).
The User expressly acknowledges that all rights relating to the website remain the exclusive property of DOLIAM.
The User may not sell, assign, publish, present or disclose these rights, or otherwise make them available to third parties by any means whatsoever.

8.2- Area of Use

This Licence is expressly limited to actions which are necessary to the use of the website by its Users.

8.3 Restrictions on Use

Use of the website published by DOLIAM and made available to Users is subject to the limitations described below.
This Licence is strictly personal and the User may not assign, transfer or delegate any rights or obligations that they hold under this Licence without DOLIAM’s prior written consent.
As an indication, DOLIAM prohibits any User from doing any of the following without its written authorization:

    • Making any copy of all or part of the content present on the website;
    • Renting the website;

8.4 Duration

Once conceded, this License is granted for the duration of use of the User Account.

8.5 Territories

This License is expressly limited to the territories of the entire World.

ARTICLE 9. Equipment

The use and maintenance of any equipment required in order to access the website is the responsibility of the User, who will bear the costs thereof alone. DOLIAM shall not be liable for any damage to any equipment in connection with the use of the website.

ARTICLE 10. Personal Data

The collection of Personal Data and the computer processing to which they may possibly be subjected by DOLIAM is done in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and in particular the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter, the “Laws and Regulations in force”).
Your data is collected and processed during your use of the Services, and more specifically during:

    • Visiting the doliam.fr website,
    • The processing of requests,
    • emails and complaints;

DOLIAM collects your Data directly from you, at your request and when using the Services.
When using the Services, DOLIAM collects the Data listed below:

    • Activity and use of the website: this Data is related to the analysis of the User’s activity on the Site, such as the type of content you consult, the content you publish, the frequency and duration of your activities, the data resulting from the analysis of the user’s profile;
    • Technical information: this includes the type and name of your operating system, the mac address of your connecting device, the browser used and its version, the language used, the IP address; and
    • Contact information: this is all the information transmitted via online forms and which helps DOLIAM to process requests.
      The data that must be obligatorily filled in to benefit from the Services are indicated as such in the collection forms. If the User does not fill them out, he will not be able to access the Services.
      The use of contact forms implies the collection of a certain number of personal data as defined by the Laws and Regulations in force from Users. These data may be used by DOLIAM in order to:
      (i) process all requests sent via the contact form
      (ii) send information relating to the use of the Site, its updates, its evolutions, or other, by personal message to the User;
      (iii) to produce statistics;
      (iv) to draw up statistics on traffic and on the use of the Site;
      The Personal Data collected in this way are intended for:
    • The services and persons authorized by DOLIAM;
    • DOLIAM’s service providers;

Moreover, the data may be communicated to any authority legally entitled to know them, in particular in case of judicial requisition by judicial, police or administrative authorities.
These data may be used by DOLIAM throughout the duration of use of the Site and in the strict necessity of the purposes defined above and for the legal period of conservation and prescription.
In accordance with the Laws and Regulations in force, all Users have the right to access, modify, rectify, delete, and make portable the data concerning them, as well as the right to request the limitation or oppose the processing of such data.
The User may exercise these rights or ask any question relating to your Data and their processing by writing to the following address: contact@doliam.fr or by post to the following address: DOLIAM – 109 Rue des Côtes, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte France

ARTICLE 11. Cookies

When the User uses the Site, cookies may be automatically installed on his browser software and terminal. Cookies are blocks of data that are used to record information relating to navigation and use of the Site. DOLIAM uses the cookies listed below in order to analyze how the Site is used and to be able to provide personalized information and improve the relevance of the information offered. DOLIAM also uses the cookies of the share buttons allowing to share content from the Site on other existing social networks.

    •  Technical / Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies that are essential for the operation of the Site, they allow navigation on the Site in a fluid manner and to use its functionalities. These cookies allow the User to identify himself (session cookies), to propose the right information and to personalize the experience.
    • Statistical / Analytical Cookies (Google Analytics): These cookies make it possible to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see their browsing behavior when they use the Site. This helps DOLIAM improve the user experience, navigation and makes it easier to find what you are looking for.
    • Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information about how the Site is used. They allow us to understand the interaction with DOLIAM, the possible causes of certain errors, and also allow us to test new features. This information is only used to improve the performance of the Site.
    • Functional Cookies: These cookies allow you to activate specific features on DOLIAM in order to improve your user experience, such as remembering your choices and preferences (such as language) or retaining more complex information (such as localization).

Security Cookies: DOLIAM uses these cookies to activate and support security features, but also to help detect malicious activity and violations of these Terms and Conditions of Use. With the exception of so-called “essential” cookies, the installation of these cookies requires the express consent of the User. In this respect, by continuing to browse the Site after having read the cookies banner, the User acknowledges having read and accepted the installation of the said cookies. Moreover, cookies can be deactivated at any time, individually or in totality by modifying the appropriate parameters. However, this could prevent the use of certain functionalities of the Site. The User can manage, disable or allow cookies by modifying the parameters of the Internet browser by consulting the links below:

The use of the Site may lead to the installation of certain cookies issued by third parties (communication agencies, audience measurement companies, social networks, YouTube, etc.) which are not controlled by DOLIAM. The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the confidentiality policies of these third parties.

ARTICLE 12. Security

In order to guarantee the security of your data, DOLIAM takes all useful precautions, be they physical, logical, administrative or organizational, with regard to the nature of the data and the risks presented by the various processing operations, to preserve the security of the data and prevent it from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.
To this end, DOLIAM uses an SSL encryption protocol for data transmission between the terminals and servers of our service providers and controls and manages access to information within DOLIAM.

ARTICLE 13. Intellectual Property

DOLIAM retains ownership of all intellectual property rights to the Site, and more generally all components reproduced or used on the Site are protected as intellectual property, including graphics, trademarks, logos, designs, text, slogans and multimedia content (the “Components”).

Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of these Components, without the prior written consent of DOLIAM, is strictly prohibited.
The User acknowledges and accepts that access to the website and the computer program(s) and software solution(s) made available to it by DOLIAM shall not entail any transfer or concession of intellectual property rights (in particular trademark rights or copyright) or other rights for the benefit of the User.
Any breach of this clause may result in an infringement of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights that may expose the User to civil and/or criminal penalties.
The fact that DOLIAM does not initiate proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of these unauthorized uses does not constitute acceptance of the said uses or waiver of prosecution.
The User undertakes to inform DOLIAM without delay of any infringement of the latter’s intellectual property rights that they may become aware of.

ARTICLE 14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These GTCU are subject to French law.
All disputes relating to these GTCU shall be brought to the attention of the materially and territorially competent court.